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New Music & Show Schedule for 2023


*More added dates, and a sneak preview of my new song, “I'll Say Goodbye” soundtracking this post & featuring Andre Roman playing lead guitar. MY NEW ELECTRONIC ALBUM RELEASES, DEEP MEATS II EP, and the DEEP MEATS I & II LP launched on April 21, 2023. 


*Catch the NEW LIVE RECORDINGS of Ponybird featuring Sean O'Reilly, Studio Demos 2023 for fans who want the traditional singer-songwriter versions of that new meaterial. We are currently booking for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024. 

*Check out Ponybird's logo design work for the emerging online magazine: NHV NOISE 

*WEAREBISON YOUTUBE Channel is now live and features all video shorts, and features created by Ponybird music.“The Complete Journey of Deep Meats I & II”, COMING SOON. A multi-media, DIY Documentary accompanied the drop of Deep Meats II this past April. Follow the journey of one artist, using limited resources and parameters, to create their lo-fi, bit crushed, glitched out, mid-life self-story as it appears in the Pandemic Era 2020-2023. 



Ball & Socket Arts

w/Steve Rodger

Cheshire, CT

7-9 p.m.



Latchis Theater TUNDI

w/Brian Ember

Brattleboro, VT


North Star Puppets Festival

w/Steve Rodgers &

Sean O'Reilly

Brattleboro, CT


WEHA Songwriter SERIES

Ponybird  Solo

West Hartford, CT

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